Get the Best Casino Odds When You’re Just Getting Started 

As a newbie gambler, you have two options: you can play games of skill, where your talent decides your success, or you can play games of chance, where every player has an equal chance of winning. Let’s have a look at both options below to see which ones give the best prospects for first-time gamblers to obtain a consistent return on their investment (ROI). 

Games with a Random Outcome 

For someone who has never gambled before, games of chance in an online casino may be the best place to start. It should be emphasized that the house edge in these games is the same whether the player is an experienced gambler or not. This means that your ability, or supposed lack of ability, will not be considered when assessing your chances of winning in the end. 

When playing games of chance, slot machines with a high return to player percentage (RTP) are always a good place to start. Slot machines with a return-to-player percentage of more than 95% are considered good paying in my opinion. This results in a potential house edge of 5%, which must be overcome. There are even slot machines with RTPs of up to 97 or 98 percent, implying that the casino has an even lower edge. 

The house edge should be as minimal as possible, or the return on investment (RTI) should be as high as possible. This is due to the fact that the house advantage virtually ensures the amount you will lose over an infinite number of wagers. This does not mean that you will win or lose every spin; it is simply an average. However, these data are substantial, and they will have an impact on your total performance, whether favorable or poor, as you continue to play these games for a longer period of time. 


Another interesting game option is video poker. It is possible to nearly fully eliminate the house edge associated with video poker when playing a full five-coin game, for example. This returns the battle between you and the casino to a more or less even playing field, which is an intriguing notion for some. Again, virtually little aptitude is necessary, other than the ability to discard low-value cards and create the greatest possible hand with the cards provided to you. This is another good option for those trying to maximize their return on investment. 


There is also the option of playing roulette, a game with a normal house advantage of 1/36th or less than 3%. Because there are 37 possible outcomes in roulette, the casino has an advantage because the payment for a win is only 36 times the wager, therefore they keep one-thirty-sixth of the money. Again, there is no magic in roulette, regardless of the strategy used. Roulette is a game of chance with a low house edge, and as a result, it offers a good return on investment for new players. 

Games of Skill 


Games of skill are likely to give the greatest difficulty to new gamblers in terms of profiting from their play. This is because you are frequently playing against other players who are substantially more competent than you are (think of poker sharks), or because you are competing against the house in a game like blackjack, where the way you play has a big impact on your long-term odds of winning. 


Individuals can reduce the house’s advantage over them when playing blackjack by following the basic strategy and placing wagers on it. Blackjack, by definition, has a limited number of hands and scenarios, which have been analyzed and depicted in a variety of charts and diagrams so that you can learn the most effective strategy for playing each hand based on statistics. 


By understanding this fundamental approach and playing by the numbers, it is possible to essentially erase the casino’s advantage over the player. This will offer you a fighting chance of making a decent return on your gaming investments. Your winnings will be higher if you have a better comprehension of this approach and are more skilled at playing blackjack; so, you should practice as often as possible. 


Games begin with relatively little stakes to get you started in poker, and poker tournaments can pay out richly if you play well in them. Poker is another game that is appropriate for skill-based newcomers. The potential returns in poker are potentially endless; but, there is one key caveat: in order to earn a return, you must know what you’re doing. Because you have to compete against other people to win their money, poker is a significantly more competitive game than slot machines. Slot machines are much less social. 


Experimenting with a range of games while keeping an eye out for those that give the best value for money in terms of house edge and potential return on investment is the best strategy for inexperienced gamblers. The lottery has a good return on investment (ROI), but the chances of winning are slim. 


Similarly, poker can produce large winnings; yet, in order to prevent losing all of your money, you must know what you’re doing when you play. Sticking to games with the best odds of winning money puts you in the best position to profit from your gambling activities overall. This is a balancing act that is dependent on your specific skills and expertise, but sticking to games with the biggest chance of winning money puts you in the best position.