Netherlands’ Gambling Industry Welcomes the Arrival of Gaming With the Inauguration of the Circus Casino, Which Features Table Games

Both the Belgian and Dutch locations of the well-known gambling business Circus have recently opened their doors.

Betca B.V., a collaboration of GAMING1, Gran Casino, and Van der Valk Hotel, has held a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority since the 24th of March, 2022. As a result, they are authorized to legally provide online games of chance in the Netherlands via their website With this license, Betca B.V. is authorized to provide online gambling options to customers in the Netherlands.

The new online casino will have to make up for a backlog that has been building up over the course of several months, and it will be hampered by new advertising regulations that come into effect in the Netherlands on April 1. Businesses that have been granted gambling licenses in the Netherlands have been heavily publicizing their services across a variety of mediums ever since online gambling was made legal in the country on October 1. These platforms include television, the internet, as well as print and broadcast media. Existing casinos have been successful in expanding their market share; however, newly formed casinos, such as Circus Casino Nederland, will be subject to more severe advertising laws due to the fact that these regulations were not in place previously. The Chief Executive Officer of, Martijn Maertens, has stated that the company’s goal is to set itself apart from its rivals by focusing on quality, innovation, and client orientation, all the while stressing the importance of responsible gaming.

The nature of working together in harmony

GAMING1 is a well-known casino brand that runs a variety of sites, both online and offline, in a number of different nations, including Belgium, France, and Switzerland. Some of these countries include Switzerland, France, and France. The organization has a great deal of previous work expertise in the gaming sector. The Dutch Van der Valk hotel has been able to gain a significant amount of experience in the Netherlands as a result of its close collaboration with the Gran Casino in Tiel. A gaming establishment has been operating directly adjacent to the well-known family hotel ever since the year 2015. Despite the fact that they do not conduct business via the internet, they have a good understanding of the Dutch market as a result. According to the press release, the collaboration will pool their respective talents in order to deliver to each visitor an online gaming experience that is truly unique.

Concerning the Netherlands and the Circus Casino, the following is true:

In the Netherlands, players will have access to Circus Casino, which will feature their very own sportsbook housed on the Gaming1 platform as well as casino games supplied by Oryx. Oryx provides its users with access to games produced by a diverse selection of software companies, some of which are extremely well-known in the industry, such as Pragmatic Play, Evolution, and Netent. Since 2018, Gaming1 and Oryx have been successfully working together in Belgium, and the two businesses are currently in the process of extending this connection into the Netherlands. In addition, the illustrious loyalty club can be discovered in the gambling facility known as the Dutch Circus. A significant difference between the two nations is that players in the Netherlands can be given bonuses whereas players in Belgium cannot receive bonuses due to different advertising restrictions. This is a major contrast between the two countries.

Gambling is now entirely legal in the Netherlands.

As of the first of April in 2021, the Dutch government has made it lawful for individuals to partake in internet gambling. On October 1st, the Dutch Gaming Authority handed out the first gambling establishment licenses since the agency was established. There are now 17 enterprises in the gambling industry that are operating legally. Only residents of the Netherlands are eligible to sign up with gambling operators that have their operations licensed.

The French-based Circus Casino has now entered the Swiss market.

The casino in Crans-Montana, Switzerland is now owned by Circus Casino France, which is the casino’s largest stakeholder.

Circus Casino has successfully broken into the Swiss market by purchasing shares previously owned by Partouche, which is based in France.

The operator currently holds a part in the Alpine property that amounts to 57.24 percent, with the remaining proportion being controlled by the communes of Crans-Montana, Lens, and Icogne, in addition to the Ispar Holding company.

In addition to the club in Paris, Circus Casino already owns and manages seven gambling locations in France. As a result of this most recent deal, however, the company has expanded its reach to include Switzerland.

Crans-Montana is a tiny town that is largely famous for its ski resort. It can be found in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. The casino first opened its doors in the year 2000 and currently employs 53 people. It features both slot machines and table games, and it is expected to generate roughly CHF 15 million ($16.3 million) in 2019.

This is a first for Circus, but in October 2021, its owner, the Ardent Group of Belgium, became the main shareholder of the Swiss property Casino Davos. As a direct consequence of this, the group is now in an excellent position for further expansion.

“We are proud to announce the acquisition of shares in the Crans-Montanta casino, a fantastic land-based establishment which has gained both a great reputation and a large number of loyal customers over the years,” stated Sébastien Leclercq, the Country Manager at Circus Casino France. “The casino has gained both a great reputation and a large number of loyal customers over the years.”

This transaction is representative of Ardent Group’s ambitious plans and highlights the growth strategy of their brand Circus as a major actor in land-based gaming halls and casinos. “This transaction underlines the growth strategy of their brand Circus as a major actor in land-based gaming halls and casinos.”

Gaming1, which is connected to Circus Casino France, plans to develop an omnichannel offering for Swiss players that can be accessed through the website. This development will take place while the acquisition strengthens the group’s land-based footprint in Switzerland.