There is no way that any of the “video poker” casino games can adequately prepare you for the real thing. When you put real money on the line, you have a vested interest in the outcome rather than just a passing interest.

People tend to make different card decisions when playing for real money, especially if they are aware that the outcome could result in a loss of five coins or a gain of two thousand. When you play for real money, you notice a difference in how you play as well as how you think about the game. In this article, I’ll go over the aspects of video poker that transform it from a game of chance to one that also involves strategy.

The vast majority of internet games that do not involve betting are programmed differently than casino games because their primary goal is to provide entertainment rather than to win money. The games played inside casinos, on the other hand, are governed by probability rules. To put it another way, casinos want you to gamble with your money so that they can profit from you. This is the reason it is known as gambling.


The more people who play at a casino, whether in person or online, the more money the casino stands to make. If you live in a gambling-friendly state, such as Nevada or New Jersey, the slot machines in the casinos must adhere to a number of strict gaming regulations. The same rules apply to those who gamble at online casinos. Well-known companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers regularly audit their software for integrity, and the results of those audits are published on their websites. The players themselves can choose which games have the best payout ratios.

A “random shuffle” is used by video poker machines to determine who wins each hand. What does this entail exactly? In the gaming industry, this is known as “vigorish.” The game retains a portion of the money spent on it. Some of the hands dealt at random by the casino software will be unwinnable. This is similar to when people play poker with their friends and some of the hands are simply terrible.

When playing video poker, you must deposit money into the machine, which is referred to as credits. Only inexperienced players make the machines profitable. During a session, the player will miss out on numerous winning opportunities because they are unaware of a potentially winning hand, such as four of a kind or a full house. You have a chance to win the elusive royal flush if you play each hand correctly and, perhaps more importantly, if you have a little luck on your side. Remember that luck is fleeting, and if you don’t understand the fundamental strategy of the game, you will run out of money sooner rather than later.


On most video poker machines, Jacks or better is the winning hand for the lowest possible score. Straights are the most common hands that hand players fail to hit. A straight is a five-card series made up of consecutive numbers. When determining the value of a straight, suits are typically ignored. A straight of any value is considered a winning hand in video poker. In contrast, in table poker, a straight with a higher numeric value triumphs over a straight with a lower value.

You have a chance of getting four cards that complete a potential straight with open ends. Assume you were dealt four hearts, five clubs, six hearts, seven spades, and the Queen of Diamonds (Diamonds). A straight consisting of the 4, 5, 6, and 7 is considered an open-ended straight regardless of the suits on the cards. You now have the four cards needed to complete the straight, and you’re hoping that the one card you draw is a three or an eight. You have a one in forty-seven chance of hitting a straight. Your chances are one in forty-seven.

Inside straights are another type of straight. These straights will be more difficult for the average player to recognize than other straights. An example of an inside straight is the sequence 4S (Spades), 5D (Diamonds), 7C (Clubs), 8C (Clubs), and 9H (Hearts) (Hearts). You have a chance to win two games in a row here. To win either one, you must draw a six. You have the option of holding 4, 5, 7, 8 or 5, 7, 8, 9. The order of the cards is more important than the suit when playing straights.

If you disregard the suits, you may miss out on a winning hand that could have been yours. When a player is focused on completing a royal flush, they may overlook the possibility of completing a straight by checking the order of the cards displayed on the screen. Take your time before the draw, and don’t rush to play your hand when playing video poker because the game’s speed is unimportant.

Always play at a casino that has a good selection of games. The paytables must have standard or higher payouts, and the site must be trustworthy in order for players to wager there. After selecting a casino and making a deposit, the next step is to determine which game you want to play. When the game loads, if Double Bonus Poker is your preferred game, you should review the paytable. Make sure you understand the maximum bet that can be placed, as well as the number of coins that can be used to make the maximum bet. If you bet five coins and get a royal flush, you will win 4,000 coins. This is the typical payout.

If the paytable says a royal flush will award 80,000 coins, you’re playing a machine that requires twenty times the standard bet of five coins, for a total bet of 100 coins. This formula’s calculation is as follows: [(80,000 coins/4,000) x 5 coin standard bet equals 100 coin bet]. You’ll notice white lettering near the betting buttons at the bottom of the screen that says “Bet 100 coins.” It means that when you click the maximum bet button, you are betting 100 coins instead of the standard 5 coins. One hundred dimes equals $0.50, and five dimes equal $0.50. Inexperienced players frequently fail to recognize this and spend all of their money before realizing their mistake. The different winning hands that can be obtained when playing video poker.


When discussing bets and payouts for video poker, players frequently refer to the “coin” as the “value of the bet.” By far the most popular option is the standard bet of five coins. If each coin is worth a nickel and the maximum value of each coin is $10, the total value of the bet is $0.25, bringing the total value of the bet to $50.

The payouts are proportionate; if you get a royal flush, you receive the same number of nickels, 4,000, as if you had won 4,000 coins worth $25 each, despite the fact that each coin is worth $25. The difference is determined by the coin’s denomination. It determines the value of each coin bet as well as the total prize pool: A payout of 4,000 nickels results in a $200 payout, while a payout of 4,000 quarters results in a $100,000 payout. In either case, the size of the reward is directly proportional to the amount wagered. As a result, the coin payout is the total number of coins awarded by the machine for any given hand. The value is determined by multiplying the denomination of the coin by the total number of coins received in the payout.

Before you begin playing the game, carefully read the paytable. On occasion, the paytable will award 4,000 coins as the jackpot for a royal flush. The difference in payout, particularly when it comes to two pairs and other factors, will have an impact on the amount of money in your bankroll.


The vast majority of poker video games hold the hands that give the player the best chance of winning automatically. If the machine deals you three eights, the word “held” will appear on the screen. This feature is especially useful for new players who are unfamiliar with poker hand combinations like flushes, straights, and four-of-a-kind. Click the draw button while holding the three eights. With the help of this tool, you will learn about the best possible hand combinations while also increasing the amount of money you win.

  1. Hold face cards of different suits, such as the A, K, Q, and J, and try to complete a straight by drawing another face card or a ten.
  2. Keep any two face cards of the same suit from the kings, queens, and jacks. Consider the hands KH (Hearts), QH, KC, and JC (Clubs).
  3. Hold an ace of the same suit as any other suit card. AH, KH, or QD will suffice.
  4. Hold an ace that is not of a suit, as well as two unpaired face cards and a ten (AC, QD, J, 10H). You could go for a straight or pair any face card for even money, or you could go for a straight.
  5. You should hold three cards to make a straight flush when the suited J and 10 are included in the deal (8C, 10C, JC).
  6. Hold any other face card in addition to an unsuited ace (AD, JS).
  7. Maintain a K10 and a Q10 that are both suitable.
  8. Hold a single face card from the dealt hand, such as a J, Q, K, or A.
    If you have a bad hand, you should draw five cards.
  9. When playing video poker, the goal is to keep your position in the hand as long as possible in order to maximize your return on investment. Hands with two or more different options are the most difficult for players to understand. Let us take a close look at the following:
  10. You have a straight flush if you draw a pair but also have four cards in a straight. Hold the pair of sevens and continue drawing cards for more sevens until you have three or four of a kind (7H, 7D, 4S, 3H, 2C; keep the sevens and go for more sevens).
  11. Hold any two face cards, as well as one face card and its suited 10 (JH, QJ, 10H, 9C, 8D). While holding the JH and JS, try to get more jacks.
  12. Any pair of three or more cards can be held for a straight flush (3H, 3D, 8C, 7C, 6C). Attempt to get more threes while holding the 3H and 3D.
  13. More than four cards in a flush must be jacks or better, including a pair of jacks (JH, JD, 2H, 5H, 8H).
  14. Maintain the JH and JD while making an effort to acquire more jacks.


Video poker is a game that requires both luck and skill, and an experienced player can frequently beat the house in this game. Here are a few of the reasons why I consider it my favorite game:

It is simple to learn. The depth of your knowledge and comprehension of the various hand combinations and the payout ratios associated with each increases your chances of winning. If the slot machine you’re playing isn’t giving you any luck, you should cash out and try again. In a nutshell, by playing expertly with a couple of new machines, you should strive to develop a winning relationship with them.

Playing video poker necessitates a certain level of mental acuity. For every possible hand dealt from a deck of 52 cards, there is only one correct hand that can be played. As a result, your hand-eye coordination will improve. I was able to notice an improvement in my hand-eye coordination after playing video poker because of my own experience. The best players can play up to ten hands per minute in a typical game.

The vast majority of players regard video poker as a respectable activity because it is a game of skill rather than chance. Tracking stock market shares is a good analogy for this.
Players compete against the dealer as well as the other table members. As a result, your chances of winning consistently are significantly reduced. Video poker, unlike table games, does not have “external factors” that can degrade your performance. Only you and the machine are present.


Your chances of winning the game, as well as your understanding of probability laws, will improve in direct proportion to your level of game knowledge. Gambling has been around since nearly the dawn of time, and as humans, we have a natural tendency to believe that we have a good chance of “winning” most of the time. People are always willing to take a chance if there is even a remote possibility that they will win something. Consider the lottery: each year, billions of people spend money on lottery tickets in the hope of winning the huge jackpot.

Academics enjoy discussing the laws of probability through activities such as weather prediction and gambling. Why? Weather forecasting relies heavily on probability. The outcome of a bet is an example of how odds are calculated in gambling; they are based on the same principle. The study of probability is founded on the laws of large numbers. The study of situations in which individual trial results can be predicted with some accuracy but the aggregate outcomes of a large number of trials are unpredictable. Mathematicians calculated that the probability of drawing a royal flush from a standard 52-card deck with the jokers removed is 4/2,598,960, or 1/649,740.

In the seventeenth century, mathematicians Pierre Fermat and Blaise Pascal developed the laws of probability in order to “beat the odds” when playing dice games. They were looking for answers to questions posed by Antoine Gombaud, a gambler from France. Gombaud was playing a dice game and trying to increase his win percentage by making more strategic decisions. Anyone familiar with the gambling industry will attest to the fact that this was an extremely astute move on his part. When viewed historically, it could be considered a significant step forward in the development of probability and gaming.

Because the chances of getting a winning hand differ from game to game of video poker, each variation has its own strategy. When playing Jacks or Better, every four of a kind is worth the same amount of money, which is usually 125 coins on a five-coin bet. When a player is dealt a full house, they must always keep all of their cards and then draw for the chance to win 45 coins. In Double Bonus Poker, the player keeps every other full house combination dealt, as long as it contains three aces and draws. This is a slight deviation from the traditional poker format. He is willing to give up the full house win in order to win the more lucrative aces. The payout for four aces is 800 coins, which is increased to 1,600 coins if they are accompanied by a kicker (2,000 coins). This play puts you in danger, but the potential payoff more than compensates.


If you go to a casino with an experienced video poker player and have 30 minutes to play the machines, the experienced player will win more money than you. This could be misinterpreted as arrogance, but it is actually confidence. He knows which game or games to play, which cards to hold, wastes no time making decisions, and will play more hands than you within the time limit. Because of their higher levels of confidence, experience, and risk tolerance, the experienced player has an advantage over you.

It is critical to have a solid game strategy in place. Your level of expertise, as well as your knowledge and decision-making ability, will all have a significant impact on the long-term statistical probabilities of your financial gains or losses. The rules of probability are used as the foundation for video poker machine gameplay. The more you practice them, the better you will become at them.

If you’re just getting started, Bonus Poker is the best game to learn about. It does not have the same level of volatility as the other games, and winning the jackpot with a royal flush is much easier. If you’re serious about taking your video poker game to the next level, you should consider purchasing Bod Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners. Winning players typically have a strong sense of self-belief as well as a positive mental attitude.